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It is our current understanding that there are two levels of massage therapy certification in California. 
  1. A Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) must have at least 500 hours of formal education and training in massage therapy.
  2. A Certified Massage Practitioner (CMP) has completed between 250 to 499 hours of massage therapy training.

What you need to renew:

There currently not any continuing education requirements for renewal.

What we have to offer:

We have many courses and packages available.

What to do now:

1.     Order Course(s) or Package(s)  

2.     Login to your account on www.cemassage.com  

3.     Go to “Course Study Material” at the far right of the course you will see “Download / View”  

4.     You will read the material. Once completed you are ready to go to take the exam.  

5.     Go to “Take Exam” and at the far right of the course name you will see “Start”  

6.     Once you start the test you may pause it, save it or complete it.  

7.     You must receive at least a 70% correct score to receive a certificate.  

8.     After you have successfully completed the exam, you will then give us your feedback and receive your certificate. You will receive your certificate by email as well in your account under Completed Certificates.  

9.     Maintain your Certificates for your records and renewal information.  


To view detailed information and your board contact information go here.

This page was last updated May 20, 2014.


It is your obligation to:  

Verify All State & National Information, Requirements and Hours Required. 

You must submit credit for renewal to your board as this is not our responsibility. 

The above information is on a state level. Be sure to check your local city and county regulations as they may require continuing education or have specific requirements for licensing and/or renewal.  

Laws frequently change so please be sure to verify all information. 



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